Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring is on it's way...time to release and declutter

Affirmation: I release all that does not serve me!
A beautiful day here on PEI...sunshine is glistening on the snow Mother Nature gifted us with and all is good.  
Am enjoying a coffee and getting ready to do my show and share Feng Shui expert Bridget Saraka with my listeners. I love it when a plan comes together...we will learn today how to declutter and make way for positive energy to come our way. Just in time for the much awaited arrival of Spring.
One of the purposes of my blog is to share insights and answer your questions on topics that interest you.
TODAY I am sharing a very popular tool to help you to sell a home, property,  business and even a car! I believe that when we put it out to the Universe the Universe will conspire to make it happen.

Enjoy the House Release Form:
Copy and paste...print out, walk around the property/business/object saying this with intention.

I/we......release the property at .......(full address, postal code etc) for a profitable gain so that I/we may get on with our lives for the good of all involved. Thank you thank you thank you.
***Next get a picture of house/property etc. and with a magic marker write SOLD diagonally on the picture.
***Next get a small box and go to each room and place an cup from kitchen, book from den, hand towel from can see where I am going!
Seal the box and put your full name and destination of box...(if you don't have address just write area.)
Repeat the affirmation as you are doing this and start packing!
Most important is to do with desire, intention, and allow it to happen. TRUST!
I thank you in advance for your feedback.
I also thank you for paying it forward to friends or relatives that could benefit from it.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 13th...happily snowed in on Prince Edward Island!

Affirmation: All is well in my world...and so it is!
Well, if you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans! Was booked to fly back to Ontario today...was totally optimistic in spite of the "BLIZZARD" warnings... Mother Nature won!
I must say though...the blowing snow and howling wind, and believe me, it is howling, can be an inspiration. I brought all my files and info for upcoming shows and blogs into my room and have been very productive.
Funny how one lives their life and learns new things every day...I am always more inspired to write when in my den with papers all over my futon, than at a desk, and I usually put Sundays aside for this purpose! My sister Marian has noticed this and tells me my dad used to do exactly the same thing. Sundays would find him in his room, the Star and Telegram newspapers, a cup of tea and his books...I always feel his presence when I am working and now I know why. Thank you sis for enlightening me...makes sense now!
I am enjoying doing this blog and am opening it to questions from you, the readers..."everything you wanted to ask a Medium but were afraid to ask!"
I invite you to join me on my blog journey and I trust you will enjoy!
(If you wish to send message or question just your first name is necessary)
Going to get fresh coffee now and do couple of phone readings then back to my musings is good and the streets have disappeared with the white outs...
Enjoy the rest of your day☆♡

Friday, March 7, 2014

Coincidence? No such thing...

Warning... I write the way I talk...hang on!
I have been on the fence so to speak about doing a blog. I am a Sagittarian female and easily distracted! I try not to say I don't have enough time because words are very powerful and I believe that the Universe will step in and quickly fill up any time I happen to have left over.
Recently I have been feeling my father around me (as a Guardian Angel) and I keep hearing the words write and blog. Dad ( his name is Fred Matthews and he was an amazing writer). Interesting that the feelings and signs have become stronger in the past couple of days as March 4th was the anniversary of dad's passing and March 7th was when we buried him.
As the saying goes..." I told you that story to tell you this one!"
I began this piece by referring to coincidences...well, my blog design was completed a few hours ago and as I sat doing final editing I noticed that the time was 12:12 am on March 7th! My intention, if I ever did a blog was to introduce myself to you with the story of how I happened to "come out" as a Medium. A car accident on March 7th 1979! Can you see where the " no such thing as a coincidence comes about?
My story begins with me growing up in a small town on Lake Simcoe...Keswick Ontario. Life was never dull, being the oldest of seven and there wasn't a day that went by without me seeing and feeling things and events that others seemed to either miss or ignore. 
I grew up doing the normal things people, marriage, three beautiful children, divorce and adapting to the role of a single mom and a career woman. 
Visions and feelings were becoming stronger and at times overwhelming but I didn't know any was a part of my life... or so I thought!
I was introduced to new age "stuff" as I called it via a Tarot card reader named Peter...he would read my cards and tell me I had a gift and of course I ignored one of the many nudges from the Universe.
Life 101 took me on a path as a secretary in one of the tallest buildings in downtown Toronto...interesting and full of adrenalin but I soon found it was too much for energy was zapped yet I was healthy. I was learning what an empath was and was picking up far too many energies from people and events around me. Being the impulsive Sagittarian that I am I decided to take my youngest daughter and move to my cottage near Huntsville and work for a newspaper, or whatever other offers came up. I can just see the Universe saying..."realllly Carole?"
On March 7th 1979 at 9:30 am I was driving to the other end of the city to get some small boxes for the move and lo and behold, at the intersection of Woodbine and Queen a car came through the lights, did an improper turn and hit me and literally turned my life around! I will mention that the driver of the car that changed my destiny was a firefighter on his way to a hockey game...his station was up the street from my apartment...he could have hit me any day of the week but it had to be THAT day in order to get my attention! No more office work and Peter reappeared in my life..."Carole, come and do readings at the tea room in Port Credit!" Of course I said no...but, my bank manager informed me I couldn't live on love and the rest is history!