Sunday, March 6, 2016

Endings and beginnings. ..or was it the other way around?

I awoke this morning in my hotel room in Victoria and immediately the dream I had during the night came to me in slow motion. My dad was sitting beside me and giving me advice on things that have been going through my mind. It was so clear that I could feel his energy...what a wonderful way to wake up.
As I lay there I kept hearing the date March 7th and I knew right away what that was. 
That day always stands out as endings and beginnings in my personal life. My dad passed on March 4th 1974 and when we had his celebration on the 7th I felt like my life had ended. forward to March 7th 1979 when my life as I knew it took a whole new direction...literally. 
 An earth angel on his way to a hockey game made an improper turn at the corner of Woodbine and Queen in Toronto, sideswiped my car 
and voila...endings and beginnings!
Due to injuries my career as an executive secretary ended and my gift of being a Medium took wings. 
Where am I going with this you ask?
First and foremost I believe that our Guardian Angels are around us very strong on the anniversary of their passing...hence my dads visit to me in my dreams. I asked him how he was and he used an expression my sister Pat used. .." I am happy here and things are "tickety boo"...hmmm I wonder if sis told him to say that? I KNOW they are together.
My feelings, as I sit here this morning definitely missing my dad but smiling and believing he is with me, are very positive and aware that when one door closes another one opens.
If you are questioning why things happen in your life, good and not so good take time to reflect on where these events are taking you.
As I said earlier I felt my life had ended when dad passed and I certainly didn't feel a new rewarding way of  life was in the cards (no pun intended ) when I felt that truck connecting with me on that beautiful sunny day in March!
Fortunately I am able to share my experience with clients who have and are going through the ups and downs of life and I can be sincere when I say...another door will open for you, just trust!
Yes, you will have your bad hair days...we are human but please know and #believe#trust that your Angels are with you and always close enough to give you the much needed pushes to keep you going .
Pleasant dreams and thank you dad for your insight and your timely visit...I believe!😇