Monday, September 26, 2016

The magic of #9

Affirmation : I believe and so it is!
Welcome to another magical number that you can benefit from.
Sept 27th 2016 is 999 in Numerology.
September 9th month
27=9 2016=9 hence 999!
September within itself has been an interesting month, to say the least ! I don't know about you but it sure caught my attention and made me look at the whole picture in many aspects of my life and my interesting journey.
September 27th 2016 is on its way and the 999 energy will certainly make us look at our lives and stand up for what we believe in and deserve in OUR energy. This is a time to focus on the positive that  is around us and move on from past patterns that have restricted us. I believe that the number 9 stands for integrity and if we take a moment to review this past month integrity issues are what have been showing up in many areas...political, career and personal!
I receive questions daily about seeing numbers in our daily lives...
111 222 333 444 etc. and I suggest you pay attention to the 999, whether it appears on a licence plate, a sales slip or even change that you receive from a purchase  $9.99.
I always take a moment when numbers appear and I say thank you then I focus on what I was just thinking about. The #9 would prompt me to think if the thought or action I just experienced was one of integrity.
Hopefully this will guide you to be more aware of numbers in your life and especially on Tuesday September 27th 2016.
Enjoy and I welcome your feedback...sharing helps many people.
Carole Matthews 😇
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Thursday, September 8, 2016

A month of positive new beginnings

Affirmation : I am open to positive opportunities in my life and so it is!
Be open to great adventures during the month of September but especially the 9th day of the 9th month in a 9 year (2016=9).
I believe the past few months have been getting us ready to affirm what we desire and deserve in our lives.
September is a month to be focused and aware of possibilities awaiting us in all areas of our lives.
Take time this evening to put on paper where you want to be by what I believe are the next powerful numerology days... January 1st 2017= 1 1 1/October 10th 2017...10 10 10!
I believe these days are "all about me" and the "I AM" energy...focus on your goals and know you are worthy of receiving!
Enjoy the journey...we are fortunate to be on it😇
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