Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Love Trumps Fear and so it is!

Affirmation : All is well in our world and so it is!
I am not the most dedicated excuse? I was born a procrastinating Sagittarius female with a knack of getting things done when the time is right. That is my story and I am sticking to it.
I have also noticed, as I am sure you have, if you follow my blogs...the changes in the moon inspires me! Actually it keeps me awake with ideas rolling around in my already busy brain.
Well we have a beautiful Full Moon tonight...the Thunder moon to be exact and it seems to be very effective as far as people's emotions go!
I went to bed tonight with said moon shining in my window and had great expectations of a good nights sleep...NOT!
Reflections of this year and all the troubling events occurring almost weekly, if not daily, in our world kept me awake and here I sit wide awake with laptop and coffee at 1am.
I, myself on a personal level, was  finding it very laboring to stay positive and to project that energy to clients, people who have been emailing, calling my radio show and expressing their fears of outcomes that seem to be out of our control.
I have the pleasure through my gift and technology, of doing telephone and Skype sessions globally and I meet and guide many interesting people who make me proud of what I do. I mention this because I am realizing the feelings of fear and frustration are spreading globally!
Questions such as "why am I feeling  so drained, frustrated and taking it out on those that don't deserve it?"
What is your advice Carole from your feelings , what can we do as a group/nation?"
I, being a Medium receive many interesting messages that I sometimes have to sit back and try to understand before I can share the thoughts and the messages.
One morning a couple of months ago I woke up with a message/thought that I couldn't quite grasp so I sat with my morning coffee...pen and paper and waited. I drew 5 little dots on a paper in a design and heard the words " foremost take care of you, one in front of you, one behind you and one on each side of you. Pray for the masses but do not think that you can help all! The focused love and compassion you give those close to you will create such an energy that in turn will cause a ripple effect of positive thoughts and that one group will feel it, pay it forward and the rest is obvious."
A great message and one I #believe #trust will work...not overnight but if we stay in our truth and #believe
it will will!
It has to...Love Trumps Fear! 😇
 *** my first choice has been to not watch the late night news!
***Do not get engrossed in arguments with others who aren't on your positive mind set!
***Look at the word FEAR...
***Do your best not to give it energy.
Let us all work at this and consider it done!
Imagine as John Lennon has taught us through song!