Saturday, June 21, 2014

Solstice time and all is well in my world

What a perfect day to write a blog...Summer Solstice and getting ready to do my weekly radio show! They say good things come in 3's...Solstice, show and my special guest Don Jackson... I have named him Mr. Inspiration as he has inspired myself and millions others for many years via his radio show "Lovers and Other Strangers" and is now continuing with his popular show on
Don and I will be sharing insights on the much awaited and celebrated June 21st...the longest day of the year and for many a day of releasings and beginnings in all areas of their lives. I find it interesting that this Solstice falls within Mercury in Retrograde time.
We are all aware by now the confusion that Mercury retro can bring to our technology devices and just plain old communication issues...a definite "he said/she said" time! To every downside there's an upside...Mercury retrograde time is also a time to release what does not serve us and, no coincidence, so is Summer Solstice time. The wonderful part of all of this is that the energy of the solstice isn't just for one day , as full moon energy, it continues for a few days so we have time to get our goals together and put them into action! I suggest making a list of all the good you deserve and are bringing in to your life...and most importantly,  what you no longer need in your life. Everything is energy...think negative, attract negative...think positive and guess what you will attract...more positive people and situations!
Try humming or belting out a few bars of the song from the movie Frozen..."Let it Go!"
I trust you are enjoying this special time and will make it work in your my favorite Affirmation Dr. Anne Marie Evers has taught myself and listeners to our shows, for the good of all involved!
So, in closing,  I am optimistic that even though mercury is in retrograde, this blog will be up and running before my show today and ├Żou will tune in and enjoy♡♡♡
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