Sunday, February 7, 2016


Inspiration comes in many forms and interesting places.
My blog today is being composed on the ferry enroute to
 Vancouver B.C.
While others are preparing for the big Super Bowl game I am excited about Chinese New Year and what it's energy can bring to us...personally and globally. 
Monday February 8th begins the year of the mischievous Monkey. 
Just the name brings many visuals to us...let's see what the next twelve months has in store for us.
Paul Thompson Numerologist shared with listeners to my weekly radio show that it can be a rocky year for many and he is correct  but from where I sit, we have had enough ups and downs in the last year. 
We have gone through many changes and the main theme I have noticed is how so many people are showing compassion to others and have been pulling together in many ways.
I often question if rough times are sent to test us and if so, are we passing with flying colors or falling behind.
Fortunately through my gift of guiding my clients and listening to their perspective on matters I am able to learn more every day about human nature and our reactions when either put up against a wall or showered with compliments. We can bend and we have been in all areas of our daily lives.
Beginning a new year is always exciting and I'm grateful we get another chance by celebrating the Year of the Monkey. 
Let's make this a promising year...continue with the compassion for others and most important, for ourselves. We cannot serve from an empty cup so let's take time for self and pay it forward with renewed energy.
Ferry has docked...another journey awaits!

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