Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Love Trumps Fear and so it is!

Affirmation : All is well in our world and so it is!
I am not the most dedicated excuse? I was born a procrastinating Sagittarius female with a knack of getting things done when the time is right. That is my story and I am sticking to it.
I have also noticed, as I am sure you have, if you follow my blogs...the changes in the moon inspires me! Actually it keeps me awake with ideas rolling around in my already busy brain.
Well we have a beautiful Full Moon tonight...the Thunder moon to be exact and it seems to be very effective as far as people's emotions go!
I went to bed tonight with said moon shining in my window and had great expectations of a good nights sleep...NOT!
Reflections of this year and all the troubling events occurring almost weekly, if not daily, in our world kept me awake and here I sit wide awake with laptop and coffee at 1am.
I, myself on a personal level, was  finding it very laboring to stay positive and to project that energy to clients, people who have been emailing, calling my radio show and expressing their fears of outcomes that seem to be out of our control.
I have the pleasure through my gift and technology, of doing telephone and Skype sessions globally and I meet and guide many interesting people who make me proud of what I do. I mention this because I am realizing the feelings of fear and frustration are spreading globally!
Questions such as "why am I feeling  so drained, frustrated and taking it out on those that don't deserve it?"
What is your advice Carole from your feelings , what can we do as a group/nation?"
I, being a Medium receive many interesting messages that I sometimes have to sit back and try to understand before I can share the thoughts and the messages.
One morning a couple of months ago I woke up with a message/thought that I couldn't quite grasp so I sat with my morning coffee...pen and paper and waited. I drew 5 little dots on a paper in a design and heard the words " foremost take care of you, one in front of you, one behind you and one on each side of you. Pray for the masses but do not think that you can help all! The focused love and compassion you give those close to you will create such an energy that in turn will cause a ripple effect of positive thoughts and that one group will feel it, pay it forward and the rest is obvious."
A great message and one I #believe #trust will work...not overnight but if we stay in our truth and #believe
it will will!
It has to...Love Trumps Fear! πŸ˜‡
 *** my first choice has been to not watch the late night news!
***Do not get engrossed in arguments with others who aren't on your positive mind set!
***Look at the word FEAR...
***Do your best not to give it energy.
Let us all work at this and consider it done!
Imagine as John Lennon has taught us through song!

Monday, June 20, 2016

A wonderful time to be alive...Summer Solstice and Full Moon!

Time sure goes fast when you are having fun!
Summer Solstice is upon us again...a time to really look at where we have been and where we are going. 
I don't have to mention the rough times we have all been going through since the Winter Solstice of 2015. It has been an emotional turmoil for many and we are optimistic for better times all around.
As I sit here on my deck watching the sunrise in beautiful Summerside PEI, surrounded by newly planted flowers and succulent herbs I am thankful for many things in my life. Family, health, a career/gift that is more than fulfilling and so much more.
Of course, like many others, this has been overshadowed by events not under our control, and that alone can cause frustration and angst within. 
This is a time when we must focus on what we have to be grateful for...focus on our inner feelings so that we may be of service to those who need our compassion and most importantly comforting hugs, whether in person or by kind words.
Take the time to be in nature, journal your feelings, pamper the "self" and take each day as it comes.
Focus on where you want to be this time next year...personal and career wise. Goals and positive intentions work...give them a try and trust in the outcome.
A saying I believe in is "What I am looking for isn't out there, it is within me!" Take the time to check in with yourself, look at and feel what no longer serves you and make the decisions that WILL serve you. 
Walk in gratitude and pay it forward are two energies that will put you and others in a win win situation!
Cherish the months ahead, drive safe and pay attention to your thoughts and actions!
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Saturday, April 30, 2016

An "after the show and relaxing" thoughts to share!

Enjoying a beautiful day here in my studio on Prince Edward Island. #grateful
I am a great procrastinator when it comes to doing a I decided to sit down immediately after the show and 'git it done so here it is.
We are now in the wonderful time of Mercury in Retrograde (April 28th-May 22nd.) ***visit my website section "Articles" for more information. 
Many feel this is a time of confusion and frustration and yes, it can be but, when used properly, it is also a period of endings and new beginnings in all areas of our lives.
An exciting time to take a long look at what does and doesn't serve us, on all levels!
In order to make changes we must have a clear mind set and I shared some homework with the awesome listeners today and 
I trust you will enjoy and give it a try.
***Take some time in the next couple of weeks (no pressure ) and make a list of traits that you love/like about yourself...yes that's what I said! In order to exist we have to love/like ourselves first in order to attract the positive energy that is "out there" waiting for us to experience.
Next, make a list of what you would change about yourself. "like" would be my sense of humor, my "not like" is procrastination. 
Can you see how this simple exercise could help you to get to know yourself better? I sure hope so and would love some feedback when you have time.
***I also shared today that I am planning on doing LIVE Facebook feeds where you can join in and  share thoughts and ideas with myself and others.
Of course I would appreciate your ideas on this...yay or nay!
I receive emails and texts from many people who are interested in knowing more about Guardian Angels, Synchronicity, Dreams, Crystals and the appearance of numbers in our daily lives I. E. 11:11 222 444 and much more.
Let's have some fun with this...I am willing but your interest is important! 
I want to also mention a book today that I feel can help many with loss... Hello from Heaven by Bill and Judy Guggenheim. I have had the pleasure of interviewing Bill on my radio show...a very real and compassionate gentleman who has gone through losses of his own. I suggest you read it and pay it forward to anyone you feel could benefit from its message.
***to listen to the interview and other segments go to and follow the podcast prompts.
Well, the sunshine and the ocean are calling and I kept my promise to myself to not procrastinate and complete this actually proud of myself!
Enjoy and get busy with your lists...can be fun!πŸ˜‡
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Facebook page for LIVE is 
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Endings and beginnings. ..or was it the other way around?

I awoke this morning in my hotel room in Victoria and immediately the dream I had during the night came to me in slow motion. My dad was sitting beside me and giving me advice on things that have been going through my mind. It was so clear that I could feel his energy...what a wonderful way to wake up.
As I lay there I kept hearing the date March 7th and I knew right away what that was. 
That day always stands out as endings and beginnings in my personal life. My dad passed on March 4th 1974 and when we had his celebration on the 7th I felt like my life had ended. forward to March 7th 1979 when my life as I knew it took a whole new direction...literally. 
 An earth angel on his way to a hockey game made an improper turn at the corner of Woodbine and Queen in Toronto, sideswiped my car 
and voila...endings and beginnings!
Due to injuries my career as an executive secretary ended and my gift of being a Medium took wings. 
Where am I going with this you ask?
First and foremost I believe that our Guardian Angels are around us very strong on the anniversary of their passing...hence my dads visit to me in my dreams. I asked him how he was and he used an expression my sister Pat used. .." I am happy here and things are "tickety boo"...hmmm I wonder if sis told him to say that? I KNOW they are together.
My feelings, as I sit here this morning definitely missing my dad but smiling and believing he is with me, are very positive and aware that when one door closes another one opens.
If you are questioning why things happen in your life, good and not so good take time to reflect on where these events are taking you.
As I said earlier I felt my life had ended when dad passed and I certainly didn't feel a new rewarding way of  life was in the cards (no pun intended ) when I felt that truck connecting with me on that beautiful sunny day in March!
Fortunately I am able to share my experience with clients who have and are going through the ups and downs of life and I can be sincere when I say...another door will open for you, just trust!
Yes, you will have your bad hair days...we are human but please know and #believe#trust that your Angels are with you and always close enough to give you the much needed pushes to keep you going .
Pleasant dreams and thank you dad for your insight and your timely visit...I believe!πŸ˜‡

Thursday, February 11, 2016

FULL MOON CREATES CHANGES...222/ February 22nd

Affirmation : It is safe for me to have peace in my life...and so it is!
I totally believe in the synchronicity of numbers that appear in our daily lives...on the clock, our smartphones and other forms of technology, even license plates!
Trust that these numerical appearances are sent to get our attention in our busy lives!
Life 101 can be very busy and sometimes stressful so it is important to take a minute, say an affirmation, talk to our angels or even call an old friend just because!
February 22 is a special day...222 and a Full Moon...powerful!
Understanding the energy a full moon brings to us can help us to move on from what does not serve us any longer...a dead end job, a relationship that we are no longer growing in or even a residential move.
Time to trust in yourself, realize your worth and release with love that which does not serve you.
Easy to say I know, but when we take time to study our lives we know it is time and I feel we are propelled by the positive energy and the strength of the full moon.
We are so fortunate to have these "openings" or "Satoris" as Wayne Dyer called them.
I found a post on my page tonight and thought of how timely it was and would like to share the ideas with you.
To Do List:
*Be grateful
*Be kind
*Let go of what I can't control or change
*Listen to my inner voice
*Be productive but calm.
*Breathe and most importantly TRUST!
Our lives are made up of two dates and a dash...let's make that dash exciting and memorable!
Enjoy the Full Moon and these musings of mine!πŸ˜‡

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Inspiration comes in many forms and interesting places.
My blog today is being composed on the ferry enroute to
 Vancouver B.C.
While others are preparing for the big Super Bowl game I am excited about Chinese New Year and what it's energy can bring to us...personally and globally. 
Monday February 8th begins the year of the mischievous Monkey. 
Just the name brings many visuals to us...let's see what the next twelve months has in store for us.
Paul Thompson Numerologist shared with listeners to my weekly radio show that it can be a rocky year for many and he is correct  but from where I sit, we have had enough ups and downs in the last year. 
We have gone through many changes and the main theme I have noticed is how so many people are showing compassion to others and have been pulling together in many ways.
I often question if rough times are sent to test us and if so, are we passing with flying colors or falling behind.
Fortunately through my gift of guiding my clients and listening to their perspective on matters I am able to learn more every day about human nature and our reactions when either put up against a wall or showered with compliments. We can bend and we have been in all areas of our daily lives.
Beginning a new year is always exciting and I'm grateful we get another chance by celebrating the Year of the Monkey. 
Let's make this a promising year...continue with the compassion for others and most important, for ourselves. We cannot serve from an empty cup so let's take time for self and pay it forward with renewed energy.
Ferry has docked...another journey awaits!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Affirmation: I trust in my inner voice!

Gung Hai Fat Choi!
Welcome to my February blog ...I am definitely seeing a pattern here. It seems I have to be snowed in and approaching a Super moon change in order to focus on writing my blog.
As mentioned before I am a Sagittarius female and lack the much needed discipline to simply sit and focus. ..Although I must admit, I accomplish a lot with my radio shows, my Facebook pages etc...but, a blog...another story ... (no pun intended).
Being here in my studio on PEI is an awesome adventure...another big step and a product of listening to my inner voice, and trusting in my ability to wear many hats and enjoying the journey.
Speaking of adventure, I have never seen or been enveloped in a storm such as we have just experienced here in Summerside PEI, and the word on the snow packed streets's not over yet!
I know, it's winter so I will wrap my snuggly blanket around my knees and continue with this blog! "FOCUS Carole"
Although I possess the wonderful gift of being a Psychic Medium I am also interested in topics such as Astrology, Numerology,  Past lives and so much more.
We are heading into an interesting phase in the next months. February 19th 2015 we will be celebrating Chinese New Year and the year of the Sheep/Goat is promising to be a much more peaceful time...We are leaving the year of the Horse and what a ride it has been! I am intuitively feeling that everything we have been experiencing,  storms, weather related, politically and personally have been the "storm before the calm." We need to collectively affirm this...everything is energy so let's keep the positive thoughts and actions going. An Affirmation I use daily is "All is well in my world and so it is" it working?  According to the nightly newscasts it seems doubtful but that is where Affirmations come in...continue saying them and all will be well... #trust and #believe.
There is definitely power in collective prayer and affirming the positive!
The year of the Sheep is predicted to be one where we will feel much more intuitive and will listen to and follow our inner voice, or gut feeling! It is a time to walk away from what does not serve us anymore...let go of the past and take a deep breath and move on.
A win win situation for all. A little piece of synchronicity. ..The new year is being ushered in by a Super New Moon! Enjoy the energy and benefit from its power.
One of my ongoing projects is my book...I am inviting you to submit any of your Angel stories...visits from your Guardian Angels either by way of dreams, visits or the magical appearance of pennies, dimes or feathers and they will be shared in this much awaited book!
I thank you in advance and ask you to send to Your submission can be anonymous or...your choice!
Well, the wind is starting to howl here outside my studio...we are fortunate to still have power but I don't want to push my luck so I shall listen to my inner voice and wish you a prosperous year ahead...make it happen, you are worth it!
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