Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring is on it's way...time to release and declutter

Affirmation: I release all that does not serve me!
A beautiful day here on PEI...sunshine is glistening on the snow Mother Nature gifted us with and all is good.  
Am enjoying a coffee and getting ready to do my show and share Feng Shui expert Bridget Saraka with my listeners. I love it when a plan comes together...we will learn today how to declutter and make way for positive energy to come our way. Just in time for the much awaited arrival of Spring.
One of the purposes of my blog is to share insights and answer your questions on topics that interest you.
TODAY I am sharing a very popular tool to help you to sell a home, property,  business and even a car! I believe that when we put it out to the Universe the Universe will conspire to make it happen.

Enjoy the House Release Form:
Copy and paste...print out, walk around the property/business/object saying this with intention.

I/we......release the property at .......(full address, postal code etc) for a profitable gain so that I/we may get on with our lives for the good of all involved. Thank you thank you thank you.
***Next get a picture of house/property etc. and with a magic marker write SOLD diagonally on the picture.
***Next get a small box and go to each room and place an cup from kitchen, book from den, hand towel from can see where I am going!
Seal the box and put your full name and destination of box...(if you don't have address just write area.)
Repeat the affirmation as you are doing this and start packing!
Most important is to do with desire, intention, and allow it to happen. TRUST!
I thank you in advance for your feedback.
I also thank you for paying it forward to friends or relatives that could benefit from it.

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